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Annual Report 2016

Ramboll delivered a strong performance in 2016. Operating profit before goodwill amortisation (EBITA) margin increased from 4.5% in 2015 to 5.7% and EBITA of DKK 602 million was the highest operating profit before goodwill amortisation in the company’s history. These satisfying results were also driven by particularly solid performances in the Nordic business units and in the global Energy business unit. Ramboll has clearly created a strong foothold in the global energy market.


Delivering excellent growth and a record profitability

2016 marked delivery on our ambitions to strengthen our position in our traditional home markets by delivering excellent growth and a record profitability. The EBITA margin in the Nordics reached 8.1%. 2016 was the final year of the Group strategy ‘Stronger Together’, and overall, despite some setbacks, Ramboll has fulfilled the strategy’s ambitions. A 9% average growth per annum has been achieved, and through organic and acquisitioned growth, Ramboll is 54% larger measured on revenue than it was five years ago and we are close to 70% more profitable measured on EBITA.

We have made solid progress on internationalisation: Approximately 74% of Ramboll’s revenue now comes from outside Denmark and 34% outside the Nordic markets, our traditional stronghold. Through a reinforced US, European and Asian presence, we have created a strong platform for future development.

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Annual Report 2016
Annual Report 2016

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CR Report 2016
Corporate Responsibility Report 2016

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Bo Pedersen
Managing Director, Support Organisation. Interim Group CFO.
T+45 5161 6624
Jens-Peter Saul
Jens-Peter Saul
Group Chief Executive Officer
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