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Raptor - The future of the structural pavement evaluation

The Raptor is Ramboll’s newest product. Ramboll acquired the entire Raptor project from Dynatest in 2020.
Instead of just getting spot checks which is the normal situation when using the FWD for bearing capacity measurement, the Raptor provides a continuous stream of data describing the structural condition of pavements. The advantage of continuous data as opposed to measurements taken in discrete points is that the entire length of pavement is scanned thus weak spots and discontinuities can be detected.
Raptor can measure 150-400 kilometers per day making it feasible to scan an entire highway network in weeks. Raptor can also be used at project level.

Raptor measures at normal traffic speeds without the need for traffic management, making the operation safer. The vehicle is sufficiently small and maneuverable that it can be used even in cities.
or contact:
Martin Wiström Head of Department Phone: +46 708 25 34 31
For more information about the RAPTOR read here (PDF)