Dreilindentunnel the first immersed tunnel in the Alps

The Dreilindentunnel is a subproject under the main development programme of Lucerne Station that is one the largest railway stations in Switzerland which reached the limits of its capacity. The Swiss Railway authorities (SBB) is planning to expand the rail network with a new through going underground station to increase the capacity and shorter travel times.
Ramboll awarded the overall planning
The Dreilindentunnel will pass the Vierwaldstättersee and contains a ~370m long Immersed Tunnel and a ~3km long rock tunnel
Together with Aegerter & Bosshardt and Locher Ingenieure, Ramboll has awarded the contract for the overall planning of the Dreilindentunnel project. The framework contract includes the planning phases from the development of the concept- and preliminary design with an optional scope to develop the tender- and detailed design up to commissioning.
Ramboll is engaged to design the water crossing and its interfaces
Ramboll is currently developing the concept design that includes the development of the different construction methodologies for water crossing, and in particular the temporary works associated with the production, transportation, and casting and immersion of the tunnel elements.
The service provide includes
  • Develop and Evaluation of different Immersed Tunnel methodologies
  • Evaluation of caisson method versus Immersed tunnel methodologies
  • Develop and evaluate prefabrication area(s)
  • Structural design for the Immersed tunnel and its interface structures
  • Evaluation of the constructability
The project will be planned with BIM which includes 5D planning in a common Data Environment.

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  • Sijbrand Sterkenburgh

    Senior Chief Project Manager

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  • Julian Bubel

    Principal Engineer

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