Misk Art Institute

Award-winning and art-centred cultural building to nurture bright young minds and encourage grass roots artistic production while enabling international cultural diplomacy and exchange.
Misk Art Institute is the pinnacle of artistic and engineering excellence
Ramboll has been appointed as the Lead Consultant for the Misk Foundation to design a top-tier Art Institute facility. The Misk Foundation’s key objective is to prepare young people in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the knowledge economy focusing on human capital, emerging technology, and creative output
As the Lead Consultant, Ramboll will work with Studio Anne Holtrop, the Design Architect, to develop the project from conceptual stage to construction completion. The construction will be built honoring the Misk City Masterplan – a strategy driven by Saudi Vision 2030 plan and the United Nations Sustainable Goals – embedding international and national scheme principles such as LEED, WELL and Mostadam into the design.
Innovative Design Challenges
The Ramboll team faced a formidable MEP(Mechanical, Engineering, and Plumbing) challenge in uniting the Galleries and Studio buildings. Weaving modernity through every detail, we orchestrated the integration of a bridge, a daring external lift, and a majestic public staircase. These elements defy norms, binding diverse spaces while maintaining operational efficiency.
Setting new benchmarks
Aligned with the Saudi Vision 2030 plan and the UN SDGs, sustainability is embedded into every facet of our design. Adhering to LEED, WELL, and Mostadam principles, we ensure that the institute not only meets but exceeds environmental standards, setting a new benchmark for sustainable architecture in the region.
Cultural Nexus and Societal Impact
Situated within the Wadi Hanifah, the institute is not just a building; it's a cultural hub and a testament to societal progress. Our design reflects a commitment to community empowerment and knowledge sharing, fostering an environment where creativity thrives, and artistic expression flourishes.
Shaping the Future
As Saudi Arabia embraces its Vision 2030 goals, projects such as the Misk Art Institute are expected to help drive the country’s economic diversification and cultural enrichment. Our design and engineering is helping support investments in education, technology, and creative expression, that aims to go beyond building structures, and also help shape a dynamic and inclusive society for generations to come.
Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE) UAE Awards 2023:
  • GCC Project of the Year
  • Mechanical Project of the Year
  • Electrical Project of the Year
  • Plumbing Project of the Year
MEP Middle East Awards 2023:
  • Mechanical Project of the Year
  • Electrical Project of the Year