Atlas building in district preservation

Art-Invest Real Estate GmbH has developed a striking project that combines sustainable and innovative preservation of the neighbourhood's well-known high-rise building from the 1980s with a modern and new construction of additional office buildings.
The "Atlas" office tower, with its illuminated sphere on the roof at night, will remain a well-known reference point for the neighbourhood even after the conversion. The ensemble of high-rise and low-rise offices is one of the first buildings to go into use as part of the revitalisation of the so-called "Werksviertel" in Munich.
The project required the demolition of the buildings that were not suitable for modern use. The remaining office tower was completely renovated and remodelled according to the architects' plans. Three new buildings are connected to the existing high rise building and are constructed in reinforced concrete on a two-storey underground car park. Ramboll was responsible for building physics, fire protection, structural design and coordination of the planning for specialised civil engineering. The services were provided by a team of experts in Munich. OSA Architekten, Munich, were responsible for the architecture of the entire project. Implenia AG appeared as general contractor.
Preservation of the existing high-rise building (office tower) was essential for the project. The existing and new buildings were combined in the planning as one functioning building. The architecture emphasises the importance of the building for the district.
A complex project that focuses on sustainability
Conversion of the existing high rise buildig and its integration into the new building complex required complex actions. The foundation slab in the existing building is secured by a bored pile wall in conjunction with permanent anchors. The tower corners, originally closed with wall, are broken up into columns, which transfer their loads into the existing foundation via a support structure. Additional openings in the walls require a recalculation of the building stability. Compared to a completely new building, the CO2 footprint is significantly reduced by retaining the existing structure. Gross area of the building is 33,740 m². In 2019 “Atlas” went into use.

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