New Children's Hospital, Helsinki

Structural, mechanical, and geotechnical engineering for a major specialist pediatric hospital for the client Foundation for New Children’s Hospital
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The New Children’s Hospital in Helsinki, completed in 2018, is Finland's largest hospital focused on demanding specialist podiatric medical care. The hospital spans 48,000 metres squared and was developed with meticulous collection of hospital user input. This includes the opinions of children, as well as insights into their and their relatives’ special needs – both physically and mentally.

Designing for human needs and senses

The design of this massive structure focused on keeping noise levels down, as children are sensitive to noise. To accommodate children’s sensory needs, all visible surfaces are designed to be interesting to look at and feel with your hands, safe to use, and easy to clean. Floor heating was installed in areas where children are likely to sit and play to create a comforting environment.

Health and safety for every phase

The building is designed according to Healthy House principles. During the design and construction phases, we emphasised humidity and hygiene management to help ensure the hospital is safe and healthy for both paediatric patients and staff. These key elements were addressed through consultation, instructions, material selection, construction monitoring (including drying concrete casting), and on-site dust management.

Building information modelling (BIM) was incorporated into the design. Doing so enabled employees to virtually view their future workplace, and to understand how places looked from a child’s perspective. BIM was effective in helping create a hospital that feels as safe and relaxed as possible.

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