Shinan-Ui Offshore Wind Farm, South Korea

Spearheading the transition towards carbon neutrality with the largest offshore wind farm in South Korea.
South Korea aims to triple the share of renewables, including wind and solar capacity in the country’s power mix by 20301. The Shinan-Ui Offshore Wind Farm is key to this goal and will be capable of producing 390 megawatts of wind energy annually.
Located about 4km south of Ui-do Island, the project will be the largest in South Korea, producing more than three times the wind energy currently produced by all Korean offshore wind farms each year. It will include 26 units of V236-15.0 MW turbines, which will be installed on fixed foundations in the southeastern waters of the island.
Hanwha Ocean, integrated as part of Hanwha Group in 2023, appointed Ramboll to conduct engineering detailed design of the high voltage alternating current (HVAC) Offshore substation for this project.
Hanwha Group is at the forefront of building a green energy value chain, combining its existing strengths as a global leader in energy production facilities and transportation, with Hanwha’s expertise in energy and materials, such as wind power.
Partnering with the local industry
With more than 30 years of experience in the wind energy sector across over 70 countries, Ramboll has been bringing its global expertise to assist South Korea in its journey towards a clean energy future for more than a decade. With the opening of our office in Seoul in 2022, we expanded our Health Sciences and Energy teams. This expansion enables enhanced support to our ongoing projects in South Korea, building on our already strong presence in the Asia Pacific, and better matchings the regional and global needs of our international client base.
Ramboll in South Korea provides a full spectrum of services for wind energy from development to decommissioning with our capabilities covering the full-range of wind consultancy, including project development, strategic consultancy, feasibility studies, bottom-fixed and floating foundation design, certification support, operations and maintenance, and asset management.

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