District heating for 1 million people

The 160 km transmission network supplying heat to Greater Copenhagen - heat for 1 million people - is one of the most sophisticated district heating systems in the world. It improves energy efficiency while reducing costs and environmental impact.
Arial view of Copenhagen with red roofs and iconic historic buildings

The district heating networks in Greater Copenhagen are interconnected, forming one of the largest integrated district heating systems in the world. The system supplies almost CO2 neutral heat to an area of 50 million square metres, delivering 30,000 TJ of green heat annually.

Ramboll has been appointed by the Metropolitan Copenhagen Heating Transmission Company to further upgrade and decarbonise the district heating system, encouraged by the environmental and economic benefits and the CO2 emission reductions. In addition, we also work with many of the distribution companies in greater Copenhagen to expand their networks and convert homes and buildings from gas to district heating.

Three times fewer CO2 emissions

Even though the district heating system in the Copenhagen Region is already one of the largest integrated systems in the world, there are many benefits to expanding it further. By using surplus heat from waste-to-energy, renewable energy and combined heat and power (CHP), CO2 emissions are three times less compared to gas fired boilers. Besides being a highly environmentally friendly and sustainable solution, district heating reduces costs for end-users.

Ramboll has worked closely together with local authorities and the district heating companies during all stages of project planning, implementation, and operation.

Ramboll’s services cover:

  • Least-cost heat planning of district heating and natural gas for councils
  • Strategic planning and project proposals
  • Feasibility studies
  • Stationary/transient hydraulic analysis
  • Detailed design, procurement, supervision, construction management, and commissioning of all technical components in the system.
  • Operation and maintenance support
  • Overall design of production facilities e.g., waste incineration plants (Waste-to-Energy), electrical boilers and heat pumps.
  • Overall design of pumping stations, heat exchanger stations and thermal storage facilities
  • Management consultancy

The Metropolitan Copenhagen Heating Transmission Company is the largest heat transmission company in Denmark, providing heat to five municipalities in Greater Copenhagen. Ramboll has been the main consultant to the heat transmission company since it was established in 1984. The work on Copenhagen’s district heating system has provided inspiration and insights, which Ramboll has used in other cities around the world, such as Seoul, Beijing, and London.

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