GreenScenario is a software-based early-day decision-support tool for rapid development and analysis of climate resilient solutions.

Whether for new builds or existing urban retrofits – from the scale of compact building plots up to larger neighbourhoods and districts – GreenScenario integrates over 40 years of industry experience in the fields of blue-green infrastructure and climate adaptation to support municipalities and property developers in their decision-making process.
Test solutions quickly: rapidly evaluate the impact of all feasible options. Whether it’s 1, 10 or 100 scenarios – we handle this complexity for you.
Know the effects: confidently answer 'what happens when?' questions by iteratively testing various combinations of blue-green infrastructure (e.g. green roofs, rain gardens, cisterns, etc.).
Gain stakeholder buy-in early: clearly communicate the impact of each design option via an intuitive online dashboard.
Enable transparent decision-making: bundle various early-day expert analysis – stormwater and flooding, heat | wind | microclimate, biodiversity and economics – into a single tool, reducing coordination efforts for multiple consultants.
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