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Make better decisions with sustainability assessment

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What is sustainable remediation?

Contaminated site remediation focuses on reducing potential human health risks and environmental degradation. While health and safety remain critical considerations, sustainable remediation also supports:
  • Reduced environmental footprints
  • Higher community involvement
  • Improved cost savings
Informed decisions with sustainability assessment
Sustainability assessment is the practice of evaluating potential impacts of remediation to the environment, society and economy, rather than focusing solely on reducing contamination levels.
SURE by Ramboll provides the tools to make informed decisions with sustainability assessment at a project level. It provides a systematic process for identifying and evaluating impacts attributable to alternative options for remediation, helps communicate decision-making criteria with stakeholders, and records the overall process for compliance support.
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  • Supports global standards: from ISO, BS and ASTM
  • Customisable: modify assessment criteria to suit your assessment
  • Educates: learn how to implement sustainable development principles
  • Compliance support: record the overall remedial decision-making process
  • Increases communication: support collaboration and stakeholder communication
  • Free for basic use: sustainability belongs to all
How does SURE by Ramboll work?
Assess: Create a project specific sustainability assessment
Engage: review results with stakeholders
Report: Choose the sustainable option
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SURE by Ramboll evolves

A more user-friendly tool for assessing the sustainability of soil remediation
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