Transport planning and modelling

Developing comprehensive and sustainable mobility strategies for cities, regions, and on a country-wide basis using modelling and simulation to achieve well-balanced, multi-modal solutions.

Turning data into actionable insights

Our approach to transport planning encompasses urban planning, all transport modes, smart infrastructure, and people. We use data to understand current traffic patterns and predict future trends so cities and transportation agencies can make informed decisions to improve mobility and create sustainable transport systems.
As multimodal system experts, we understand travel chains and how to integrate simulation models using various real-time data from sources like global positioning systems, mobile phones, and traffic signal controllers. This means we can provide an accurate picture of specific dynamic system conditions.
Our capabilities include applying both micro and macro modelling and simulation at various levels. Additionally, we apply our state-of-the-art agent-based modelling, known as BRUTUS, to detail socio-economic impacts of different scenarios. Collaborating with architects and developers, we create micro-simulation models which assess at the detail level which designs optimise people’s movement in retail centres, rail stations, airports, and more.
Our model outputs are also used to inform other decisions related to air quality, noise pollution, and CO2 emissions which are fundamental components of environmental impact assessments

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    Transport Planner Development Director

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