Transactional due diligence

Identifying known and potential risks related to environment, health, and safety considerations in transactions with our multidisciplinary expertise.

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Property, merger and acquisition leaders

We are technical leaders in evaluating environmental, health, and safety (EHS) liabilities and potential risks related to sites, regulatory compliance, and product compliance associated with property, merger, and acquisition transactions.
Law and private equity firms, lending institutions, and corporations rely on our responsiveness to support decision making in this high-stakes, time-sensitive arena. We have a successful track record in helping clients in acquisitions, divestitures, refinancing, insurance placement, restructuring, buyout, public offering, and bankruptcy. View our advisory credits here.
Environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG)
Private equity firms are increasingly considering ESG investment criteria related to environmental stewardship, social performance, and corporate governance. By successfully managing ESG aspects, financial performance and productivity increase, risks are reduced, and sustainability enhanced.
Our ESG due diligence screening reviews provide tailored recommendations for superior financial, competitive, and risk mitigation performance.
Post-merger integration (PMI)
We support clients to maintain programmes, integration demands, and future divestiture plans. Our streamlined approach offers customisable tools and expertise that creates value.

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  • Nick Howard

    Head of Department, Compliance, Sustainability and Transactions

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  • Tavia Rutledge

    Principal, Compliance, Sustainability and Transactions, Americas

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  • Sheila Sharma


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