Land use planning

Offering a range of advisory services to create regenerative and climate resilient urban developments that meet local and global sustainability objectives.

Urban strategies for net-positive outcomes

We work with clients to identify opportunities, define visions, prioritise policies, and create governance structures to add value for people and nature at every stage in the planning process.
Working with local authorities, landowners, developers, and communities, we bring together a multidisciplinary team of spatial, urban, landscape, and transport planners, as well as environmental, climate, energy, and water consultants, GIS modellers, engineers, economists, social scientists, and data analysts to create liveable and regenerative places.
Our integrated solutions support economic, social, physical, and environmental ambitions to create healthy, safe places where people can thrive, communities can evolve, and the environment can flourish. To realise long-term values, our team can also effectively build, communicate, and embed change programmes into the strategic ambitions.
Understanding the drivers of sustainable communities and the concept of living well locally, our spatial tools support land use planning decisions. Our tools bring together all features needed for people to live well and can integrate these within wider transport planning and economics decision support tools.

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  • Signe Kongebro

    Global Design Director, Urbanism – Henning Larsen

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