Master planning

Creating places that support a high quality of life for all, our master planning approach ensures regenerative, integrated, and inclusive solutions at every scale.

Enabling all life to flourish

Our Nordic legacy of regenerating cities such as Oslo, Stockholm, and Copenhagen demonstrate our ability to help position places as international models for liveability. Our all life-centred design approach to projects focuses on four principles:

        -Regeneration to support the built, ecological, and social systems having net positive impacts

        -Integration to recognise the complexity of places and embrace multidisciplinary systems thinking to deliver holistic solutions

        -Inclusion to ensure resilient solutions for many, not the few, by valuing human, ecological, and planetary health equally

       -Multiscale to understand a project’s context within wider systems and the communities it supports, we zoom out to see the big picture and zoom in to discover important details

Working with local authorities, landowners, developers, and communities, we have the necessary skills to deliver life-centred places. Our urban planners and designers, social and climate scientists, economists, strategic energy planners, transport planners, engineers, and digital modellers can master plan to transform any place.

We deliver large scale masterplans for city regeneration, urban and suburban interventions, healthcare facilities, education estates, airports, and ports.

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  • Nordhavn: blueprint for a 5-minute city

    Designed to reach all amenities within 5 minutes’ walk, Nordhavn in Copenhagen, Denmark, is a carbon-neutral development plan that has received DGNB’s highest gold certification for sustainability. And provides 40,000 residents access to nature on their doorstep.

  • Empire State Plaza energy master plan

    Empire State Plaza: A green energy system for the heart of Albany. We're devlpoing the energy master plan for this iconic and istoric building, helping slash carbon emissions and support the state's climate goals.

    In 2021, Ramboll won its largest US energy masterplan project to date, an energy audit of the Empire State Plaza in downtown Albany, New York. The Plaza is home to several state level government agencies, the legislature, and governor’s office, employing more than 13,000 public servants in total. The project focuses on transitioning the Plaza to renewable and low-carbon energy solutions.

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