October 5, 2022

“The constant search for new solutions is what makes my job interesting.”

You never know how people feel about their job until you ask. This time, we decided to have Alexandre Guidje tell a bit about his time in Ramboll Water. Alexandre is a consultant in Climate Adaptation and Green Infrastructure and has been with us for the past 2 years.

Why did you choose to work with water?
I’ve always wanted to be an engineer, and I just love water. I think it’s a childhood thing. I remember running around in the rain as a kid and enjoying myself. I truly appreciate the rain and to me there is not even an issue in getting drenched because I always get dry again. Also, my family has always called me “water bender”, which is a reference to a cartoon called “Avatar – The Last AirBender” in which a young kid can control water. So, I guess working in water was almost a calling.
What do you do on a day-to-day basis?
I work with hydraulic models, so what I do is simulate drainage systems in urban areas. I identify valuables that are prone to flooding due to changes in our climate and recommend solutions to mitigate the problem. So basically, I analyze and work with an enormous amount of data. In my team, we focus on the water’s travel from starting point to end point. That could be pumps pumping water from one end of the city to another end or a retention basin that delays water until it moves on to the wastewater treatment plant. It’s a really interesting field where I see a lot of potential for innovative solutions.
What is appealing to you about Ramboll as a workplace?
It sounds crazy, but I could spend all day here at Ramboll. It has everything I need – interesting tasks, relaxation room, good friends/colleagues, fitness, food. And the flexible working hours make my life slide like a rollercoaster. I’d like to highlight my colleagues though, because they are what makes going to work fun every day.
What the most fun part of your job?
I’m really driven by alternative solutions to traditional problems. For that to be accomplished you have to think proactively, which is a key thing I’m trying to incorporate in my daily work life. Thinking of ways to do things differently, always developing. Is there a smarter way to update a model? Is a new tool being released to help us or our clients? The constant search for new solutions is what makes my job interesting, and my experience is that my colleagues and departments are supportive and encouraging. I can come with my own, new idea of how to do something, and I will be met with trust and acknowledgement.
Ramboll has a lot of focus on growth and development of its people. How have you developed in the past two years?
Initially, I was afraid that replacing someone would mean having to fill in their role and not being able to put my own touch on it. But I got to evolve in my own pace and direction, and I feel like I actually have a great influence on what I get to work with and how. I think a lot of people can recognize feeling insufficient and having doubt in yourself, especially as a new graduate with limited experience. Though your employer and colleagues believe in you, you need to experience a certain level of acknowledgement before you feel established and good enough and that takes time. So, my development is very much reflected in my own and others’ trust in me as a professional and then my overall confidence.
Any good advice for graduates starting their first job?
Don’t be afraid that what you learned during university is not sufficient, because you will learn how to apply it in real life. To me it came naturally, because Ramboll is a great environment for that.