March 30, 2020

Ramboll signs framework agreement with the Irish Commission for Regulation of Utilities

Ramboll will assist the Irish Commission for Regulation of Utilities (CRU) over the next four years with consultancy services and assignments that will significantly contribute to Ireland’s continuous interest in exploring more sustainable energy resources.

Ireland is a fast-growing economy with a large share of wind electricity and an increasing gas infrastructure. The Irish government and decision-makers have a continuous interest in exploring and developing more sustainable energy resources to reduce dependency on oil and meet climate targets for carbon emission reduction.
Bringing the Nordic experience into play
Ramboll has received this contract based on previous experience with framework agreements for large European clients. Ramboll’s strategic approach and holistic perspective of the energy sector were also key for being awarded the contract.
“We are very proud to receive this contract and work closely with our client on strategic assignments that will support Ireland not only become greener in terms of energy resources but also help utilising these resources in a smart way across the sector. The client has a great respect for the Scandinavian renewable energy field – especially on wind, solar, carbon storage, and waste-to-energy. Therefore, it is of great interest to bring the Nordic experience into play and we are happy to share the knowledge we’ve gained from previous projects” says Charlotte Seidenberg, Project Manager, Energy Strategy and Planning.
The contract will cover assignments within several technical energy areas, including gas and electricity infrastructure, sector integration, renewable energy, low carbon technologies and energy efficiency. The broad scope of work opens great opportunities for internal collaboration, strengthening Ramboll’s holistic approach of the energy sector.
CRU is an independent energy regulator, maintaining security of energy supply and promoting generation and transmission of sustainable energy solutions among utilities and suppliers. CRU aims to adapt to more green energy solutions in their gas and electricity infrastructure.
The contract value is EUR 5.4 million.