Picture above: Mikkel Thøgersen

Ramboll DNA

The 48-year-old Thøgersen is Ramboll DNA. Educated in political sciences from the University of Aarhus, he kick-started his career in Ramboll in the mid-nineties even before graduation and moved up the ranks during the millennial years. His first job at top-level came in 2012 as Managing Director for Ramboll Management Consulting Norway. In 2014 he was trusted the responsibility with Ramboll’s training and organisational consultancy unit, Attractor, and he followed his people to Mannaz as Senior Vice President when Mannaz acquired Attractor in 2016.

Mikkel Thøgersen says:

- I am thrilled to re-join Ramboll. It might sound as a cliché, but it really feels like coming home. I have been following Ramboll on the side and I am truly impressed by the pace of the internationalisation, the strength of the services and the potentials of the new strategy. I am looking forward to working with new and former colleagues and clients.

In addition to Markus Diederich, Mikkel Thøgersen joins Hans Lindeman and Carsten Sørensen in the Executive Team. The Social & Ecomonic Impacts division comprises subservices such as evaluation, cost-benefit analyses, and implementation support and has been used to spearhead new markets which means that the division is spread across six countries in addition to international projects with other Ramboll colleagues.