March 1, 2018

Ramboll Management Consulting expands in Germany

With a strong presence in Northern Germany, Ramboll’s management consulting division now set up shop in Essen to better serve clients in Germany’s biggest industrial region. In addition, the expansion to North Rhein-Westphalia provides access to a substantial talent pool.

In 2000, Ramboll Management Consulting opened its first office in Germany. Hamburg was the preferred location and Berlin followed since. Now, a third location can be added to the map; Essen, North Rhein-Westphalia.

Of Germany’s top 100 corporations, 37 are based in North Rhine-Westphalia, best known as the Ruhr district. On top, this westernmost part of Germany is home to a significant number of small and medium sized businesses being one of Europe’s most powerful economies.

As such, a perfect location to expand the business, says Markus Diederich, Managing Director in Ramboll Management Consulting and from the area himself:

- Although consulting is a global business, the proximity to clients cannot be underestimated. Following the footsteps of colleagues, we are able to better serve clients all over the Ruhr-district and further south from our enhanced presence in Essen.

Organic growth

Essen already hosts experts from Ramboll’s Environment & Health division and now also management consultants. Growing organically using the infrastructure of the Ramboll Group is key to the Managing Director:

- In recent years we have acquired companies to add new expertise to our teams. We want to supplement this with organic growth – either in our current locations or by forming teams in the location where Ramboll is already present and where we see a market potential. This is surely the case with Essen and the North Rhein-Westphalia, says Diederich.

The federal state is the second largest metropolitan area in Europe and a mature yet growing market for consultancies. Around 18 million people call this part of Germany home. In size and population a little more then Holland altogether.

A talent hub

Of those 18 million, 500.000 are students. A fact not to be overlooked, explains Dirk Müller. He is a Business Manager in the Strategy & Operations team and will lead the expansion efforts together with newest member of the team; Manager, Hans-Joachim Schmidt.

- In the consulting industry, our ability to serve clients is one to one with our ability to attract and retain the right people. We are a people business. Therefore, I am exited about our expansion into a part of the country where talents in great numbers are looking for companies that can nurture their learning process and help them grow their career. They can do that with us and we hope to expand the team shortly.

Ramboll, led by German CEO, Jens-Peter Saul, now has more than 500 employees in Germany with offices in Hamburg, Berlin, Essen, Munich, Frankfurt, Hannover, Karlsruhe, Kassel, Gelsenkirchen, and Überlingen.