March 12, 2018

Ramboll experts offer wind power insights at International Offshore Wind Partnering Forum

At the four-day conference, we apply our decades of global experience to analysis of the challenges facing the US offshore market, including port infrastructure, pipeline and supply chain, and permitting and consent issues. 

The wind energy sector has an annual growth rate of 20-30 percent, and can help maintain the security of the global energy supply. However, developing a large offshore wind project is a complex undertaking. A number of interconnected issues need to be resolved at all stages of the development process; from conception to when the turbines are installed and operating.

As a global leader in offshore wind solutions, Ramboll is well versed in developing solutions to these challenges. We combine decades of global experience and local multidisciplinary expertise in the US to bring an unparalleled suite of services to clients seeking state-of-the-art renewable energy solutions.

Several of our experts will be on hand at the International Offshore Wind Partnering Forum in Princeton, New Jersey, USA, April 3–6 to share their expertise on issues currently facing the US market.

See a list of our participation below.

  • Future Proofing: Logistics and Port Infrastructure - Moderator: Jay Borkland; Ramboll panelist: Tim Fischer (Wednesday)
  • Industry Perspectives on a Coordinated OSW Pipeline and Supply Chain - Moderator: Jay Borkland (Thursday)
  • The First Round of US Offshore Wind Projects and Understanding Critical Permitting and Consent Issues - Moderator: Thomas Newcomb; Ramboll panelist: Stig Berendt Marstal (Thursday)

To learn more about our innovative offshore wind strategies and meet our experts, visit the Ramboll table in the exhibit hall, or contact David Lis, Jay Borkland or Alan Shimada directly.