April 12, 2021

Ramboll acquires sustainability start-up

With an ambition to empower sustainable change in all types of companies, Ramboll has acquired a small start-up company providing sustainability e-learning and analytics.

By Martin Christiansen
Incept Sustainability, a small Software-as-a-Service start-up is now part of Ramboll’s growing Strategic Sustainability Consulting practice.
The start-up was founded by three students at DTU, Denmark’s Technical University, and provides a sustainability tool that blends e-learning and company analytics. This allows for growing the employees’ sustainability knowledge while providing the company with tailored recommendations and insights based on input from employees.
While many companies have put sustainability on the strategic agenda, a growing number of them have come to realise that a top-down approach needs to be supplemented with an empowering, bottom-up approach.
Addressing two major megatrends
The new tool meets the market at the intersection of sustainability and digitalisation. The perfect combination, says Thomas Kræmer Schmidt, Executive Director from Ramboll Management Consulting:
- Sustainability and digitalisation are two of the most prominent and enduring megatrends, so we are very happy to welcome the new team-members and help bring Incept Sustainability to market. Many companies need such a tool in their sustainability efforts.
Thomas Kræmer Schmidt stresses the portfolio fit between Ramboll and Incept Sustainability:
- At Ramboll, we are strong at the strategic sustainability level and operationally too with our technical, engineering-based competencies. Also, we have a good track record in bringing SaaS products to market. Now we can add a product that really sparks engagement at the employee level and build the employees’ knowledge around sustainability, bottom-up. This is key to empower the desired change.
Engaging many more in sustainability
Incept Sustainability was developed by three highly engaged students in the field of sustainability with the aim of engaging many more in the field too. The three founders Sofie Berglykke Aagaard, Katrine Jerl Jensen, and Alechandrina Espinoza were all students at DTU when the idea formed in their heads. Sofie Berglykke Aagaard says:
- Our goal with Incept Sustainability is to enable and engage as many as possible in the movement towards sustainability, since successful change is essentially driven by people.
We are happy to join Ramboll because it is a big powerhouse with a global reach. We think that this is the right home for Incept Sustainability given Ramboll’s mission of creating sustainable societies where people and nature flourish.
The tool’s own inception came back in 2019 after which the founders took part in several innovation programmes alongside their studies. By this, they developed a prototype and eventually a full-fledged software product taking them from part time workers to fulltime employment upon graduating from DTU.
Along with the rest of Ramboll’s Strategic Sustainability Consulting team, Sofie, Katrine, and Alechandrina are now ready to bring the tool to market.
Explore the tool
You can read more about the tool at the Incept Sustainability homepage. Here you can request a demo to explore all the features and discuss onboarding plans.