Martin Christiansen

August 17, 2023

Ramboll acquires civity Management Consultants to boost transport sector impact

Today, Ramboll announces the purchase of specialist consultancy; civity. The aim is to further grow the business in Germany and increase sustainability impact in the transport and infrastructure sector. The two companies now joining forces is a perfect match, says Managing Director Markus Diederich.

Closing the deal: Ramboll’s representatives, Markus Diederich, Astrid Könönen, and Andreas Gaigl with the founding partners of civity Management Consultants, Stefan Weigele, Frank Zschoche, and Friederike Lauruschkus.
After years of solid organic growth, Ramboll’s Management Consulting division now welcomes nearly 50 new colleagues to the team by acquiring Germany-based civity Management Consultants. Serving clients in the DACH region and Northern and Western Europe from offices in Hamburg and Berlin, civity is a specialist management consultancy within all strategic, organisational, and commercial aspects of transportation and infrastructure.
Together, the two companies will become a leading player in the market operating at the nexus of strategic management consulting and deep technical expertise.
A stellar reputation
In Germany, you cannot say sustainability without also saying Verkehrswende – speaking about the push for greener mobility and a rapid transformation of related business models and mobility systems.
This is – among other things – why the match between Ramboll and civity is spot-on, according to Markus Diederich, Managing Director of Ramboll´s global management consulting unit:
“civity is such a well-established consultancy with a stellar reputation, top clients and a highly experienced team of specialists on the topics of transport, infrastructure and key sustainability challenges. We are looking forward to joining forces in our work to combine strategic management consulting with deep technical insights in the sectors most in need of sustainable change. We have found a great cultural match with civity, and our combined services fit perfectly. All of this will really benefit our clients going forward.”
With EU’s biggest country being the world’s third largest market for management consulting services, the acquisition follows onto Ramboll Group’s overall ambition to grow its market share specifically in Germany, explains Diederich. He also points to many synergies with Ramboll’s transport and energy engineering experts serving large public sector clients.
Increasing the impact
With a hallmark in providing sustainable solutions to major public sector clients, civity is keen to further propel growth, explains, Stefan Weigele, one of civity’s founding partners. Joining Ramboll now is the right move, he says:
“We found the time – and the new partner – to be right as we were looking to increase the impact and scale of our business further. Being part of Ramboll allows us to present our domestic clients with an even deeper portfolio and technical expertise and to expand our services especially for international clients. We are also convinced that our employees will value the vast expertise of a company comprising 17.500 colleagues around the world.”
“On top, Ramboll’s strong dedication to sustainability was something that touched us since we share the same passion for making a better tomorrow today,” Stefan Weigele adds.
Public sector focus
civity Management Consultants was founded in 2010 and has grown ever since. The company works mostly for public sector clients within transport, infrastructure, and mobility, but also for e.g. major automotive companies – as well as for selected energy and water utilities companies and organisations.
With civity now part of Ramboll, the Danish engineering, architecture and management consultancy has completed its third acquisition in Germany this year.
As a result of the most recent deal, Ramboll Management Consulting reaches an FTE count of 750 across Germany, UK, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Belgium, and the US.

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