January 28, 2020

New water treatment expert with unique ion exchange expertise

Antony Gibson joins the growing Ramboll Water team, operating from the Netherlands. He brings more than 20 years of experience in implementing new water treatment technologies with municipal and industrial clients globally and has extensive experience in ion exchange.

By Martin Zoffmann
By welcoming Antony Gibson, a true world-class ion exchange expert, Ramboll is now even better suited for helping clients realize the potential of this trending treatment technology.
In previous roles, Antony has been responsible for manufacturing, marketing and research & development of the MIEX® ion exchange resin and systems, for clients in Asia, North America and Europe. He has also held a leading role in the commercialization of the SIX® ion exchange technology, including implementation of the technology at a greenfields 3750 m3/hour drinking water treatment plant in the United Kingdom.
Not only drinking water
In addition to his drinking water treatment work, Antony has also worked extensively with municipal and industrial wastewater treatment technologies. This has included in-depth work with technologies such as ultraviolet disinfection, advanced oxidation, moving bed bioreactors, membrane treatment and desalination. He has consulted to many industry sectors on water and environmental issues, including water recycling, water quality management and environmental management systems.
Antony is a Chartered Engineer in Australia, holding a BE(Hons) in Chemical Engineering from the University of Queensland, and an MBA from the University of Melbourne. Before joining Ramboll, Antony was Chief Operating Officer at PWN Technologies, where he successfully delivered several large drinking water plants in Asia and Europe, including the worlds’ largest combined ozone / ceramic microfiltration plant for drinking water.
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