February 16, 2022

New leadership team in Ramboll Environment & Health

An expanded Environment & Health leadership team has been established to better reflect the diverse organization, geographic spread and consulting focus. Meet the team.

“In every way, our 2021 performance has exceeded our ambitions for Environment & Health. And we have managed to do so in spite of Covid lockdowns and many of our experts forced to work from home. We have also welcomed more than 550 new colleagues and we are not slowing down. This is why, I am pleased to share that we are expanding the Environment & Health leadership team. This will maximize the potential and synergies of our complex multi-country business,” says Jesper Dalsgaard, Managing Director of Environment & Health.
The new five-person team consists of:
  • Jesper Dalsgaard, Managing Director
  • Guy Lewis, Finance Director
  • Mette Søs Lassesen, Europe Director
  • Jeanne Tarvin, Country Market Director, Americas
  • Doug Daugherty, Global Market Director
The new team structure ensures that leadership resources are directed to priority areas in Ramboll’s new four year strategy ‘The Partner for Sustainable Change’. Focus will be on continued growth in key geographies, going all-in on sustainability and strengthening Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) in Ramboll.
Jeanne Tarvin named Country Market Director of Environment & Health in the Americas
Jeanne Tarvin will take on the role of Country Market Director for Environment & Health in the Americas. A professional geologist with more than 35 years of consulting experience in both the Due Diligence and Site Solutions practice areas, Jeanne has served as the Midwest-Central US Managing Principal for the past 5 years and in that role has, along with her leadership team, grown net revenue by more than 50%. Jeanne is a member of Ramboll Americas Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy Council and our Innovation & Digitalization Steering Committee. This also means that Allan DeLorme is stepping down from the Americas Country Market Director role as a part of a planned retirement transition. The leadership team thanks him for his extraordinary efforts and accomplishments as Country Market Director.
Doug Daugherty named Global Market Director of Environment & Health
Doug Daugherty will move into a global role, as the new Global Market Director, with responsibility for the Environment & Health Spearheads in Impact Assessment and Health Sciences; our Asia Pacific business; market functions of Sectors, Service lines and Key Accounts; Communications and Marketing; Innovation and Digitalization; and coordination of our activities in Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI).
Doug has more than 20 years of chemical engineering and industrial hygiene consulting experience, providing solutions in air quality, carbon management, risk assessment, manufacturing, ports and mining, and currently serves as both Environment & Health Americas Director of Strategy and Environment & Health Western Region COO. Doug also serves as an advisor to the Ramboll Americas Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy Council and as our Pride Network Executive Champion.
Mette Søs Lassesen takes on Europe portfolio as Europe Director for Environment & Health
As Europe Director for Ramboll Environment & Health, Mette Søs Lassesen will take the lead for our European (Nordics, UK, Germany and Central Europe and Africa) business and will continue to lead our global sustainability program. The ambitious sustainability program includes important areas like ESG, decarbonization, biodiversity and circular economy.
Guy Lewis will remain Finance Director for Environment & Health
Guy Lewis will retain his role as Finance Director but will shift his focus to operations and Finance for Environment & Health globally, as well as Finance Director for Americas, and the Compliance function. Guy will also manage mergers and acquisitions’ function and efforts.