March 30, 2020

New app to prevent spread of infection on building sites

For workers in the construction industry, support is now available for preventing COVID-19 spread on construction sites. A new app provides advice and guidance for behaviour that can arrest the spread of the virus in specific work situations on a construction site. Ramboll is behind the app, ForeBYG Smitte.

Minimising the economic recession is one of the key priorities for all countries fighting the coronavirus pandemic. We should keep the wheels spinning, yet we need to reduce the spread of the virus. Many construction sites are still open, and, therefore, there must be kept a strong focus on good hygiene, keeping a safe distance and in general, showing respect in order to protect the workers on-site and others from infection.
“At a construction site, there are some special working conditions, processes and not least, habits. Especially in everyday actions and ingrained habits, we need to be reminded of how to change our behaviour, so it doesn’t put people at risk. That is why we have developed an app which simulates common situations at construction sites where there is a risk for spreading the virus” Henrik Leksø, department manager for Client Consultancy in Ramboll Denmark, says.
The app is called: ForeBYG Smitte (a Danish pun on" prevent'/'build' and 'infection'). It is widely available for free in the App Store and Google Play in four language versions – English, Danish, Polish and Norwegian.
”The app directs a worker through familiar scenarios on a virtual construction site where the worker needs to make decisions about careful and safe behaviour to avoid subjecting themselves or others to an infection. The digital learning platform on a mobile phone makes it easy for everyone to do the training and to, hopefully, direct their attention on the risk of infection and the necessity of good hygiene – also after this corona pandemic,” says Henrik Leksø.
The instructions in the app are aligned with the guidelines from the Danish Construction Association.
Ramboll develops 3D training simulation games about workplace and sustainable behaviour on the building site. The interactive game shows familiar situations to help players to get engaged in work environment issues in a whole new way, because the app presents real-life circumstances.