June 6, 2021

Major upgrade of important drinking water plant North of Stockholm

Norrvatten has appointed Ramboll to lead the design management and deliver the actual design work for a comprehensive modernization of the Görväln Water Treatment Plant which provides clean water to 14 municipalities North of Stockholm. 

To meet the needs of a growing population and future drinking water requirements, the Swedish water utility Norrvatten is planning to upgrade the Görväln water treatment plant which abstracts water from lake Mälaren and distributes it to 14 municipalities North of Stockholm.
As a result of a recent tendering process, Ramboll was appointed to lead the design management and selected for an 8-year framework contract covering the process technology and mechanical engineering for the plant. This means that Ramboll will also be delivering the actual design work for this exciting and highly important project.
“We are honored to be selected for this important assignment and excited about the opportunity to develop a modern and highly sustainable clean water process design,” says Annika Andersson Fräs, Global Spearhead Unit Manager, Ramboll Water in Sweden.
Ramboll has partnered with Syntell, an independent consulting and training partner, to provide Systems Engineering and Requirements Engineering services within the project.
Feasibility Study
In 2019 Ramboll delivered a water treatment technology feasibility study for Norrvatten. The study investigated three different process technology alternatives; precipitation followed by either sand filtration in combination with ultrafiltration or stand-alone ultrafiltration and, as the third option, the so-called Suspended Ion Exchange technology which Ramboll is currently implementing at the David L. Tippin Water Treatment Facility in Tampa, Florida.