March 14, 2019

Here is the best drinking water in Norway

Two municipalities in Norway, Vågan in the North and Sirdal in the South, have just been awarded for providing the best drinking water in the country. Water expert Sigrun Marie Dahl from Ramboll was part of the award committee.

Imagine yourself drinking nice, clean and cold water directly from the tap while enjoying the spectacular scenery from the top of a Norweigan fell. What could possibly be more refreshing?

Recently, Norway’s Best Drinking Water was awarded at the ‘Miljø & Teknikk’ (Environment and Technology) conference and trade fair in Lillestrøm. After having blind-tasted samples of drinking water from more than 100 different waterworks in nine regions, the jury – that included Sigrun Dahl from Ramboll Water in Norway – awarded the final winners in two categories; surface water and groundwater.

Tonstad Waterworks in Sirdal won for best groundwater, and Brettesnes Waterwork in Vågan won for best surface water.

“The water in Sirdal and Vågan simply tastes fantastic. The surface water source in Vågan is deep and receives just a little runoff from the surrounding mountains, and the water is only UV purified before it goes to the taps. The groundwater source in Sirdal has so high quality, that it also only requires a minimum of processing,” says Sigrun Dahl from Ramboll.

The drinking water competition in Norway has been arranged on a yearly basis since 2001.

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