May 13, 2019

Global experts collaborate at international soil, sediment and groundwater conference

A number of Ramboll Environment & Health experts will present and exhibit at AquaConSoil 2019 in Antwerp, Belgium on 20th – 24th May.

This year marks the 15th international AquaConSoil conference, attracting professionals from research institutes and universities, government organisations and consultancies across the globe to discuss the latest developments in the sustainable use and management of soil, sediment and groundwater resources. Technical presentations, poster sessions and workshops will take place, as well as an exhibition. For more information, visit the AquaConSoil 2019 website.

Experts will host workshop sessions and give several oral and poster presentations as follows (a downloadable version can be found to the right of this page):

Session Chair

  • Nature-based remediation workshop - Moderated by Hans Bengtsson (Denmark) and featuring contributions from Mark Nielsen and Victor Magar (USA), Jarno Laitenen (Finland) and Nanne Hoekstra (Deltares)
  • Due diligence workshop - Moderated by Geert De Buysscher (Belgium), and featuring contribution by Bertrand Latrobe (France), concerning benefits and limitations of field investigations (Phase II) in an environmental due diligence process.
  • Advances in nanoremediation technologies - Moderated by Mette Christophersen (Denmark)

Oral presentations

  • Sustainable conversion of a former sewage plant to ‘liveable nature’: a new recreational industrial landscape - Hans Bengtsson (Denmark)
  • Applying working with nature to navigation infrastructure projects – Victor Magar and Mark Nielsen (USA)
  • Successful biostimulation and bioaugmentation treatment of DNAPL and dissolved phase mixed chlorinated solvent contamination under an active commercial site – David Scott (South Africa) with Lack Jones (Regenesis)
  • ATES and stimulated reductive dechlorination. – Mette Christophersen (Denmark)
  • Prioritisation model for risk management of groundwater bodies with poor chemical status in Finland: a new approach - Liisa Koivulehto, Kimmo Järvinen and Jarno Laitinen (Finland) with Esa Rouvinen (South Savo Regional Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment)
  • Enhanced anaerobic dechlorination of TCE via recirculation and batch injection pilot systems near Sao Paulo, Brazil – Mark Mejac (USA)
  • Sustainable risk management and remediation strategy for a large 21 ha urban brownfield site - Juha Parviainen, Jarno Laitinen, Jukka Huppunen, and Ari Simonen (Finland)
  • Cheese whey injection in groundwater: use of an economically and eco-friendly substrate for in-situ bioremediation of chlorinated solvents - Luca Sacilotto, Antonio Molinari, Giada Di Marco, Michele Leccese (Italy)
  • Field scale comparison of four passive sampling techniques for monitoring contaminant flux in groundwater CVOC plumes - Jarno Laitinen (Finland) with Heidi Ahkola (Finnish Environment Institute) and Reija Kalajo (Finnish Defence Administration)
  • Case study ‘Technical meets lawyer’ - Steven Van Buggenhout (Belgium)

Poster presentations

  • Modelling of air flow in capillary break layers: a new approach to determine governing mechanisms in balanced ventilation systems preventing vapor intrusion of volatile pollutants - Jakob Washington Skovsgaard and Hans Bengtsson (Denmark)
  • Enhanced reductive dechlorination pilot test: importance of the preliminary investigations to improve the design of the intervention - Matteo Avogadri, Aldo Trezzi, Alessandro Botti, Riccardo Asnaghi (Italy)
  • PFAS investigations in Norway - Liv Marit Honne, Kristin Møller Gabrielsen (Norway) and Dorte Harrekilde (Denmark)
  • On-site ex-situ washing of multi-contaminated soils – Thomas Perrier, Adrien Monso (France) with Kevin Le Foll (Remea)
  • Characterising NAPL conditions and chemical risks in support of river sediment cleanup - Mark Nielsen, Kim Groff, Victor Magar (USA) with Helen Fahy (Fahy Associates)
  • Remediation goals and moving goal posts – Jon Eudall (UK)

Pitch Session

  • Site See - Innovative digital technology being used to automate the survey of mine sites and related restoration performance – Mark Nielsen (USA), Aldo Trezzi (Italy)


We’ll also be exhibiting at AquaConSoil so if you’re attending, come visit us at our stand to learn more about our multidisciplinary approach to achieving sustainable solutions.

For more information about our participation, contact Mark Nielsen.