October 21, 2018

Global CleanUp Congress puts climate change at the center of site cleanup

The environmental community and an increasing number of governmental organisations accept that the observed and predicted impacts of climate change are far reaching and effective adaptation will require complex analysis. Yet very little attention has been given to climate-change impacts on long-term remediation measures for groundwater and soil contamination.

Senior Market Director Mark Travers, on behalf of Ramboll practitioners from around the globe, will lend his expertise to the inaugural Global CleanUp Congress, the first of its kind to blend research and industry best practices in contaminant remediation and resource protection within the scope of climate change. Organised by the Cooperative Research Center for Contamination Assessment and Remediation of the Environment (CRC Care) in Australia, the conference will take place on 22-24 October in Coimbatore, India.

Mark will lead the presentation Preparing for Climate Change in the Design of Cleanup Measures for Contaminant Impacted Land: A Global Perspective, which was co-authored by consultants Scott Warner, Fiona Robinson, Pirabagaran Balasingham and Sunil Ojha. Scott Warner also serves as a member of the Congress’ International Advisory Committee.

The presentation explores the extent to which climate change should be considered in assessing onsite containments, how climate change might be considered in long-term management and the extent to which managed onsite contaminants are an asset (or a liability).

“It is important that we leverage our shared experience and expertise in climate change at this inaugural conference and bring a presentation that focuses on the impacts of climate change on site remediation,” said Mark.