November 26, 2020

Former Mayor for Technical and Environmental Affairs Morten Kabell to join Ramboll

Morten will join Ramboll’s global Smart Mobility division as Head Smart Mobility in Denmark on 1. January 2021.

Morten comes from a position as co-CEO of the European Cyclists Federation in Brussels where he has worked for the past period promoting cycling as a sustainable and healthy means of transportation. He has more than 20 years of experience with urban development and green transition of the transport sector. In his previous position as Mayor of Technical and Environmental Affairs in Copenhagen he was instrumental in accelerating the city’s sustainable development and strengthened Copenhagen’s strong brand as a cycling city in Denmark and internationally.
“We are thrilled to announce, that Morten Kabell has decided to join Ramboll. We and our clients will benefit from his experiences with urban governance from Copenhagen and the global networks he is part of. We will be strengthening our position as a leading advisor within smart and sustainable mobility in Denmark and abroad” says Peter Heymann, Managing Director Ramboll Transport.
Copenhagen is widely recognized as one of the most sustainable and ambitious cities in relation to climate action. The city has a target of becoming CO2 neutral in 2025 and one of the main elements in the development plan is that 75% of all trips will be by foot, by bike or with public transportation. Already today cycling is the most popular means of transport in the urban region with more than 40% of trips to and from the municipality done by bike.
“I look forward to joining Ramboll and continue my work with promoting sustainable mobility solutions. Transport is responsible for close to 1/4 of global CO2 emissions, a main contributor to air pollution and noise in urban areas. Challenges that have driven the development of innovative low carbon mobility solutions. I hope to be able to assist cities in developing integrated mobility plans and implement sustainable mobility solutions like public transport, bikes, micro mobility and electric vehicles” says Morten Kabell.
Morten will join Ramboll as Head of Smart Mobility in Denmark where he will support and develop the high level of expertise within the department with a strong focus on market and clients.