December 17, 2019

Feasibility study for Kyiv’s district heating system

Ramboll will undertake a complex assessment of the third largest district heating system in the world. 

Ramboll will conduct a technical, environmental, and financial viability assessment of Kyiv’s district heating system rehabilitation. The project is evaluated at greater than €150M capital value and will comprise of a new combined heat and power plant, a new heat recovery system, network replacement, SCADA installation, boiler house closure and reconstruction.

Finding the best solution based on new market conditions

Ukraine has adopted a new electricity market reform with the end goal of securing energy supply connection to the European transmission system.

This poses a challenge to sizing the new gas turbine as conditions will change significantly over the next few years in connection with the new market reform. The CHPs are considered valuable components of national infrastructure. Therefore, to make the project financially viable, the client has chosen Ramboll as a trusted partner to undertake the modifications.

“We have been working on projects in Ukraine for over ten years now and during this time we’ve gained a unique perspective over their energy systems. Topping that with our expert knowledge in turbine technologies, modelling capabilities, and scenario planning we are able to work out the best long-term solution together with the client” says Isidore McCormack, Chief Project Manager.

Kyiv is the capital of Ukraine with a population of approximately 3 million, consuming over 2 billion cubic meters of natural gas annually. Kyivteploenergo, a municipal company wholly-owned by the city, operates Kyiv’s district heating system which is one of the largest systems in the world, supplying 12.7 million MWh of heat per year to approximately 2.7 million residents and numerous government and private entities via 2,800 km of district heating network.