January 9, 2018

China Update, January 2018

China Update provides quarterly briefings on major EHS regulatory developments in China.   

Below find a listing of articles in the January edition of China Update.

  • Our Name has Changed
  • Water Pollution Prevention Plan for Focal Drainage Areas (2016–2020)
  • 13th Five-Year Volatile Organic Compounds Pollution Prevention Work Plan
  • Management Rules for Soil Environment in Agricultural Land (Pilot)
  • New Catalogue for the Management of Imported Waste
  • The Accounting Technique Guidelines for Industrial Pollution Control Equipment to Eliminate Pollutants and Coordinated Control of Greenhouse Gases (Pilot)
  • Groundwater Quality Standards (GB/T 14848-2017)
  • Health Requirements for Radiological Workers (GBZ 98-2017)
  • PCBs Waste Control Standards
  • Water Resource Rules for Shandong Province

China Update is published quarterly. Look for the next issue in April 2018.