April 24, 2019

Charge your vehicle while driving

Electrification of our transport systems is essential for reducing CO2 emissions, but there are currently few solutions. Ramboll will help establish an electrical road system in Lund, Sweden, that enables vehicles to charge while driving.

In Sweden, a system that enables vehicles to be charged while driving will be built and tested in the city of Lund. Ramboll is part of the consortium Elväg Syd, that is responsible for establishing an electric road in Lund over the next three years.

The consortium consists of nine actors from the industry, academia and the public sector and the project is financed by the Swedish Transport. Ramboll will have the role of technical project lead and being responsible for quality assurance, as well as assisting the project leader at Innovation Skåne. It is Elonroad, a Lund based company that has developed the technical solution which consists of a rail that can charge an electric vehicle - car, bus or truck – while driving and being at a standstill. The electric road will be built in the bus lane and ordinary traffic will be unaffected during the entire test period.

Ramboll will analyse the benefits of electrification from a technical point-of-view and carry out socio-economic calculations for specified scenarios. Furthermore, Ramboll will carry out road “wear and tear” and friction measurements via various asset management techniques, as well as produce documents and manuals for construction.

“There are currently few available solutions to mitigate CO2 emissions from road traffic, which can be implemented quickly and have material effect. Electric roads can reduce the climate impact of heavy vehicles. The technology that can charge both buses, trucks and passenger cars while on the move creates new opportunities to electrify heavy transports and regular services. The technology will also have an impact on electrically powered passenger vehicles, as it allows for smaller battery packs. Therefore, we believe in the electric road model,” says Lars Brümmer at Ramboll who coordinates the project.

Elväg Syd consortia will be one of only two partnerships in Sweden that will be commissioned to build a demonstration facility for electrical roads. The demonstration project will go on for three years and will be implemented on about 1 kilometer.