Simon Jansson Ek

February 14, 2023

Carbon dioxide from Swedish heat and power plant to become green shipping fuel in new methanol plant

Energy company Umeå Energi AB is investing together with Liquid Wind to establish a new plant for e-methanol production at Dåva CHP (combined heat and power plant) in Umeå in the north of Sweden.

The goal is to produce methanol that can be used as fuel, for example in shipping, by separating and using biogenic carbon dioxide from the plant's flue gases. An initial feasibility study shows that there are good conditions for establishing a large-scale production facility for green electrofuel on the site.Ramboll has contributed to the feasibility study by looking at process integration implications between the e-methanol production plant and the CHP plant to reach an optimal technical and commercial solution, at a conceptual stage. “We are happy to help Umeå Energi and Liquid Wind take a step closer to realising this investment. Capturing carbon dioxide from a HPC and using it to produce green electrofuel, in this case methanol, will contribute to the energy transition which is completely in line with our own strategy. Like Umeå Energi and Liquid Wind, we are fully focused on sustainability and have an ambition to act as a catalyst for the transition that our energy systems need”, says Simon Jansson, head of Ramboll Energy in Sweden. Read more about the investment for production of green electrofuel on Umeå Energi's website here. Ramboll, with its 17,000 employees globally, has cutting-edge expertise in, among other things, energy with 1,750 experts and project managers in the field and is one of Europe's leading consulting firms in cogeneration, CCUS (Caron Capture Utilization Storage), Power-to-X and hydrogen. Ramboll has deep understanding of the industry, different technologies and their application, so we can help our customers navigate the challenges and opportunities of the green energy transition.

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