February 6, 2020

Cambodia – Siem Reap: Introducing Trenchless Technology for Pipe Jacking

In Cambodia, Ramboll is introducing trenchless technology in order to replace a 3.7 km length of failed/collapsed main trunk interceptor sewer. Construction works started in April last year, followed by a successful workshop to the Cambodian Ministry of Public Works and Transport, other relevant ministries, the contractor, as well as the French Development Agency and Asian Development Bank.

By Julia Dreiseitl
The project in Siem Reap is one of four sanitation projects in Cambodia. Ramboll Water is acting as Project Implementation Assistance Consultant to the Cambodian Ministry, with financing from the Asian Development Bank (3M USD) for a four-year period (2018-2022).
The objective of the Siem Reap project relates to the urgent need to replace 3.7 km length of failed/collapsed sewer trunk. The sewer trunk was constructed between 2011 and 2014. The pipe collapsed in 5 locations due to a compression failure. At present, the pipeline is not functioning, preventing wastewater in a central part of the town from reaching the wastewater treatment plant, thus disturbing business and tourism activities.
Trenchless Technology – a first in Cambodia
A new sewer trunk is being constructed using trenchless technology. Trenchless technology allows the project to be implemented in a time-efficient manner, reducing disturbances to business and tourism activities. The ground is dug up in the locations of the insertion and reception points of the new pipe, without the need of open trenches.
“We are thrilled that working with trenchless technology to replace the failed pipe, is well received by the client and local stakeholders. Being a first in Cambodia, we are confident that this technology will have a spillover effect to other future projects in Cambodia and neighboring countries.” says Pau Prat Busquets, the project manager.