August 8, 2019

Aarhus is expanding its light rail network

Aarhus Letbane has Ramboll as lead consultant for the designing and planning of the second phase of Aarhus Letbane. The project is expected to cost 2.3 billion DKK.

The light rail network in Aarhus, Denmark will be expanded with three lines. Initially, Ramboll will carry out Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of the Spain to Brabrand and Lisbjerg to Hinnerup lines to assess what the impact will be on the surroundings. It has not yet been identified if the solution should be more light rail or a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system. Ramboll will in addition undertake the environmental assessment regarding establishing a new station in Brabrand and be responsible for the conceptual design and support the procurement process of the light rail at Aarhus Ø, where an EIA study is already underway.

International light rail expertise comes into play

Ramboll is proud to have been appointed as lead advisor and will bring a wide range of skills and know-how into play.

"We have put together a strong team of experts who can provide solid solutions with a focus on urban environment, light rail design, architecture and mobility, so that we create a connection between the public transport and the urban spaces. In addition to our strong local presence our international light rail experts from our Global Rail Systems Division, especially our German colleagues have second to none experience in designing light rail systems with experience from more than 25 cities in seven different countries” says Tonni Christiansen, Global Rail Systems Director at Ramboll.

The work on stage 2 is expected to be initiated after the summer 2019 and the feasibility studies are expected to be completed in 2021. Ramboll will carry out the project in collaboration with sub-advisers Gottlieb Paludan, French Ilex, TrailC and LE 34.

Facts about Aarhus light rail stage 2

Stage 2 consists of:

  • Light rail at Aarhus Ø
  • Light rail or BRT from Lisbjergskolen to Hinnerup
  • Light rail or BRT from Spain to Brabrand. In connection with this section, a new station is included on the main railway station in Brabrand