ESG services

We provide strategic and technical environmental, social, and governance (ESG) solutions to manage risks, capture opportunities and future-proof businesses.

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Guiding investments into the low-carbon and circular transition

Our expertise spans the full investment cycle from fund definition and establishment to due diligence, portfolio company operations and to exit.

At fund and investor level, we guide our clients on strategic ESG impact investment and the impact of technological choices and commercial considerations, rooted in transparent methodologies to measure ESG impact.

Multidisciplinary expertise

We develop ESG impact strategies and drive sustainable change via a unique combination of environmental, climate, social sustainable finance, and regulatory expertise.

We draw on this expertise to guide our clients throughout pre-investment and transaction cycles. This includes developing ESG guidelines and criteria for investment managers, integrated ESG due diligence (buy and sell sides) and Taxonomy assessments of target assets and companies.

We also create integrated ESG strategies, action plans and reporting tools to create real financial value.

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Does impact investing guarantee ESG performance?

Capital is increasingly being directed into impact investing, including into renewable energy projects. We investigate if these impact investments can automatically be considered good investments from an ESG standpoint and highlight some particular issues for investors in solar power.

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