Healthcare facilities

Changes in lifestyle and demographics are driving new demands for healthcare services – and the healthcare facilities that support these services.

Early planning for scale and savings

The global population is evolving through changes in climate, lifestyle, urbanisation - as well as ageing rapidly in parts of the world. This impacts demand for healthcare facilities.
With many healthcare facilities having the benefit of scale, significant savings can be achieved in facility management and operations if carefully planned in the early stages of the project.
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Anticipating the future patient’s needs

Anticipating the future patient’s needs and understanding technology trends in the healthcare sector are essential when designing healthcare facilities.
Ramboll’s experience with hospital projects gives us a holistic perspective that drives a client-centric process. Further, we integrate our healthcare expertise and experience from around the world into our solutions with a sustainable and patient-centric focus.
Nurse using pneumatic tube system (PTS) in Bremen hospital (Klinikum Bremen-Mitte)

Sustainable and patient centric

Our multidisciplinary experts combine their skills in sustainable construction materials, evidence-based logistics, energy supply, conservation of natural resources, energy-saving technologies, environmental impact and lifecycle assessment of the hospital operations. This ensures that the solutions we design have minimal effect on the environment and maximum effect on wellbeing and economic factors over its life cycle.
Our expertise in hospital logistics and automation has contributed to hospital projects becoming international front runners. When designing hospital projects, all kinds of flows are considered, from patients and staff - to consumables, goods and traffic. Factors like requirements for accessibility, hygiene regulations and workplace safety are also important. The planning includes multidisciplinary coordination and the involvement of many stakeholders.
: 500 experts
We offer a complete and multidisciplinary advisory package within healthcare facility planning. Our 500 dedicated healthcare experts combine local presence in 35 countries with state-of-the-art global healthcare expertise to build and refurbish inspiring healthcare facilities.

Global outlook, local experts

Our global organisation consists of qualified specialists in healthcare facility planning and design covering all phases from analysis of needs to operational evaluation. By collaborating in teams across borders we can draw on the best expertise and ensure that we have sufficient capacity to deliver client centric solutions with an international perspective.
Ramboll employees in a meeting with a presenter

What we offer the healthcare sector

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    Hospital planning, design & coordination
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    Hospital logistics & automation
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    Optimised flow
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    Operational LCA
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    Environmental impact
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    Energy management

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