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Driven by the objectives of the Paris Agreement and nationally determined contributions, the public sector plays a key role in the transition to a more prosperous future.

Solving public sector challenges

A resilient, low-carbon society will be one that is not only well governed and properly funded, but also fair and inclusive, and that leans-in to new technologies. Leaders in the public sector will face an array of complex challenges both short term and long term. With an unmatched public sector legacy, Ramboll helps the sector navigate dilemmas and offers a holistic approach to the challenges ahead. From critical infrastructure that connects people, to organisational support and digitalising the public sector.

Helping build a resilient society for all


Since 1945, Ramboll has been a sustainable society consultant helping the public sector move through key phases of building a resilient society for all. From critical infrastructure that connects people, to organisational support and digitalising the public sector.

Ramboll has visibly left its mark on cities and societies as we are a trusted technical partner for organisations owned fully or in part by the public sector, for example within the fields of Energy, Transport, Real Estate, Resource use and Waste, Water, and Healthcare.

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What we do for public sector clients

  • :

    Expanding renewable energy and enabling mobility in cities.

  • :

    Renovating or building new places for people to the highest

  • :

    Promoting social cohesion.

  • :

    Modernising processes and updating regulatory and financial mechanisms as a vehicle for climate action.

  • :

    Halting and reversing biodiversity loss while meeting the needs of growing urban populations.

Whatever the challenge, the public sector should be able to rely on insights, expert advice, and integrated solutions to accelerate the green transition with people and communities at the core.

Strategic support to public entities


For decades, we have advised governments and delivered detailed support to public entities and city administrations that aim to become more resilient, and in doing so, use the learnings from crises to promote renewal and innovation in the public sector.

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Are you a public sector client? Ask us about:

  • Strategies, master planning and design
  • Just transition and social sustainability
  • Social, economic and environmental impact assessments
  • Policy advise and evaluations
  • Digitalisation, governance, procurement, and resilience
  • Programme management and oversight
  • Citizen engagement, public consultations, and organisational change

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