Climate resilience planning and design

Turning climate-induced challenges into opportunities with integrated approaches and designs. Combining nature-based and state-of-the-art technologies, we help you build powerful business cases.

Our climate resilience team includes world-class planners, engineers, and hydrologists

Across the world, both nature and society face enhanced flood-risks due to more frequent storm-surges and heavy rainfall. To help reduce those risks and increase liveability, we assist city leaders, public departments, and urban developers with our data-based insights and tailored solutions.
Dealing with complex climate challenges calls for structured and integrated approaches. Our advisory offerings include multi-disciplinary analyses and stakeholder engagement from the earliest phases of initial studies to the development of masterplans, conceptual and detailed designs, and stakeholder management. Our proven methodologies guide clients from vision to execution while still providing flexibility to adjust plans and designs based on expected cost and benefit evaluations.
Always striving to provide added value in every project, we help find and implement actions or designs that increase recreational opportunities, improve social cohesion, and protect biodiversity.

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  • Damian Cronin

    Head of Department for International Water and Climate Resilience

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