75% of greenhouse gas emissions come from burning fossil fuels. As energy demand rises, the world must urgently decarbonise and switch to renewables.

The next leap in the green energy transition

Renewable energy is fast becoming the only game in town.

Technologies like Power-to-X are maturing, and there’s both public and private sector momentum to decarbonise. Partnering with our clients, we have contributed to some of the world’s most pioneering landmark projects – from energy islands, to offshore wind, waste-to-energy and Power-to-X.

We work at both the cutting edge of energy solutions, and those that are ready for scale.

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We have more than 1,700 specialists globally working within the energy sector – and hundreds more providing complementary services. With our multidisciplinary approach and spanning the whole value chain, it is Ramboll’s ambition to be the leader in the green energy transition.

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    50+ years of experience

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      With more than 50 years of experience in energy solutions, our expertise spans the full spectrum of technologies and project phases: from permitting to developing business cases, executing design engineering, and long-term operation and maintenance.

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      At Ramboll, we work with our clients to deliver solutions that are future proof, efficient, cost-effective and practical.

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