Brazil has one of the cleanest energy matrix in the world, composed of three major sectors: hydraulic, solar and wind. Our multidisciplinary teams provide innovative approaches to all new developments.

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  • Ramboll

    Rua Princesa Isabel, 94
    12th andar
    Brooklin, Sao Paulo, SP 04601-000

    +55 11 2832 8000

  • Ramboll

    Avenida República do Chile, 

    330 – Bloco 2 – Sala 1401 - Centro

    20031-170 – Rio de Janeiro

    RJ – Brasil

    +55 21 3983 1602

  • Ramboll

    Rua Paraiba, 550
    9th Andar - Funcionarios
    Belo Horizonte, MG 30130-140

    +55 31 3308 9305

Our team of residential sector experts assists clients through every step of the design process from outline planning to final delivery, with innative approaches and solutions with a keen special mindset.
They provide local knowledge supported by global experience and partnerships across the wide variety project green field to decommissioning Phase 3.
Our reputation as innovators stems from our practice of challenging assumptions in the interest of creating more practical, sustainable and economic designs. We look to evolve the industry through a combination of offsite manufacture and digital solutions to address industry skills shortages, a widening productivity gap, the need for more rapid, cost-effective and sustainable construction.
  • Gustavo de Mello


    +55 11 97205-8262

  • Carolina Retamal

    Consulting - L08

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