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Sharing data for better buildings

Data plays a crucial role in driving the decarbonisation and resilience of the buildings and construction sector. It informs decision-making and enables the industry and policymakers to draw comparisons and set sustainability benchmarks for specific building types.
However, data availability, quality, and accessibility are often limited and uneven across countries and regions. Additionally, there is a need to harmonise and standardise data to ensure comparability and interoperability between technologies.
Acknowledging these challenges, Ramboll is now sharing its international dataset of carbon emissions for buildings with the industry and governments.
While Ramboll is committed to making its data publicly accessible, it recognises that these efforts mark just the beginning of the collaborative actions needed to decarbonise the built environment.

Ramboll CO2mpare at a glance

  • : 138
    is the number of projects currently in the database
  • : 10
    building typologies are covered in the database
  • : 5
    different scopes of the carbon assessment are currently available

Explore Ramboll CO2mpare

The CO2mpare database provides an interactive benchmarking tool that can be used to understand the typical carbon for building projects in different countries, typologies and project types.
The database is optimised for web use. For optimal performance, please access it through your browser.
Explore the database Explore Ramboll CO2mpare

First open access industry platform with international data

The CO2mpare is the first open access tool of its kind, providing a considerable number of projects within different building typologies in an interactive interface.
The database facilitates data collection and comparisons across different geographies and typologies and includes data from different carbon assessment methodologies. This data has been instrumental in evaluating Ramboll’s own carbon footprint across its global design portfolio.
Initially focused on Northern Europe, and upfront carbon, it aims to continually integrate data from most continents with additional scope to strengthen its global dataset.
The database is work in progress, and Ramboll welcomes any feedback.

We welcome your feedback!

Got ideas to improve our database? We are always updating and improving. Share your thoughts to help us refine it further.

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