Certification of fire consultants

Application for certification of fire consultants

This application is for when applying to become certified fire consultant at Certification, Ramboll in Fire Class 2, 3 & 4 as well as conduct of third party control, as stated in The Building Regulations guidelines (”Bekendtgørelse om certificeringsordning for dokumentation af tekniske forhold i bygningsreglementet”, Order No. 1693 of 12 December 2023 ) and in the Danish Building Regulations on fire safety conditions (BEK no. 1399 – BR18), chapter 1, 5, 27, 29, 30, 32, and 34.

Before filling out the application, it is recommended to read our Guide for Application and then, fill out the CV-Template.

It is recommended to print out and read the Guide for Application.

The Guide for Application (in Danish) and the CV-Template (in Danish) which can be found on the Danish website.

NOTE. When you send your application, make sure that you receive an e-mail in your inbox confirming that you have applied, as well as which documents have been sent. If you do NOT receive such an email, your application has not been sent, and please contact Certification, Rambøll on tel. 5161 4408.

The Fire Class to be certified to is:



When applying to become certified and when being assessed by Certification, Ramboll, you must demonstrate that you have acquired the needed qualifications and competencies by attaching appendixes to the application cf. BR18 and BEK no. 1693.

The appendixes must contain the following information and be submitted in pdf-format, where the file name must not contain more than 46 characters.

Appendix 1 - CV

CV must include a description of relevant experience, minimum:

  • 2 years for Fire Class 2
  • 3 years for Fire Class 3 & 4 also with limited area of validity
  • 7 years for Conduct of third party control

The CV-Template is to be used (is only available in Danish) and can be found on the Danish website https://www.ramboll.com/da-dk/danak.

Appendix 2 – Diplomas

Copies of relevant diplomas.

Appendix 3 - Project

Not relevant for Fire Class 2 certification.

Self-chosen project(s) to be evaluated. Max. 5 years old

Appendix 4 – Project description

Not relevant for Fire Class 2 certification

Description of your work in the project(s) and the background for choosing the project.

Appendix 6 – Other

Possible to attach presentation of project(s) in pdf-format, or other relevant documentation with a description of content.


Comments or special requirements:


 Prices for certification depends on which fire class you apply for https://www.ramboll.com/certification-for-fire-safety-consultants

The prices are excl. taxes.

Registration fee is payable on application for certification. The remaining amount for certification is paid when the review is initiated.

If it appears during the examination that the material is difficult to access due to a lack of structure, the certification body may in special cases charge an additional fee.

The price can be adjusted if Ministry of Social Affairs, Housing and Senior Citizens changes the legal basis.

The price is adjusted once a year, (at in January) with the change of ILON12 (MA Rådgivning etc.)

State of Consent