Empowering colleagues to talk sustainability

Paul Astle, Decarbonisation Lead, Ramboll
Solving tough challenges in the built and natural environment requires that our employees are equipped with leading-edge skills and knowledge of sustainability practices.
Paul Astle, Decarbonisation Lead, and an industry thought leader, supports upskilling of employees by conducting training sessions on sustainability practices that help decarbonise the built environment.
Why is it important for Ramboll to develop thought leadership?
Paul Astle: “We want to be the partner for sustainable change for our clients and the industry. We cannot do that if we don’t push the boundaries, dare to ask the tough questions, and conduct business as usual.
“Everyone is going to be disrupted by climate change - the question is whether we will lead and steer this disruption. There is momentum in the built environment to transition to a more sustainable future, but we must push for change and find new approaches.”
How are you helping fellow colleagues on this journey?
“I deliver training on decarbonising the built environment. We are focusing on lowering carbon in construction by shifting to refurbishing and using existing assets and materials. It is all about creating spaces and infrastructure within the planetary limits.
“The training also helps colleagues discuss carbon reduction with our clients and the wider industry, from creating clarity around different terminologies, to complying with regulatory frameworks. We draw on a lot of great tools from Ramboll, including our Sustainability Learning Universe.”
What drives you to continue these efforts?
“I want to empower colleagues in decarbonising our world. We are in a unique position in Ramboll to offer our clients a sustainability alternative, and it is important that we take on this responsibility.
“The trainings are a step in the right direction, but to make real change, we must continue to work with clients, inspire them, support them, and follow up on all carbon reduction opportunities on a project.”


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