The Partner for Sustainable Change

One year into our strategy for 2022–2025, we are embedding sustainability across our portfolio and operations.

Strategy Launch 2022 for employees

Tackling the toughest challenges

These themes help define where we invest, and the clients and projects we prioritise. We deploy significant resources and expertise to deliver sustainable outcomes, scaling up and accelerating solutions to move the world faster towards a more sustainable future. We aim to embed sustainability across our clients’ and stakeholders’ value chains, enabling them to better navigate their transitions towards more sustainable business models and goals.

We systematically implemented our strategy towards our people, clients, and stakeholders in 2022. We are pleased to see it having the desired positive impact. This is evidenced, among others, by the continued high demand in the market for Ramboll’s expertise in renewable energy segments such as offshore-and-onshore wind energy and green hydrogen, and in environmental and nature-based segments including impact assessment and sustainable remediation.

Key levers for strategic change

There are multiple actions in implementing the strategy, but two stand out. First, Ramboll offers clients alternatives on how to improve the sustainability of their projects. Second, we aim to become the global leader in the green energy transition in our industry, backed by our strengths in renewable energy technologies.

In 2022, we stopped tendering for new oil field projects, and will exit oil and gas exploration before the end of 2025. At the same time, we are redeploying our extensive oil and gas technical expertise within renewable energy. Particularly, we apply this expertise to offshore wind, green hydrogen, Power-to-X, energy storage, as well as carbon capture and storage. In the US, we are active throughout the offshore wind value chain, from planning to deployment, while continuing to meet growing EU demand for renewable energy.

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Director’s report

  • Letter from the Chair and the CEO

    In 2022, we launched The Partner for Sustainable Change strategy, charting a clear course for our com - pany towards 2025. One year in, we are on track to embed sustainability into the core of our project port - folio and company operations, and make Ramboll the global leader in the green energy transition.

  • Financial Review

    In 2022, Ramboll delivered strong growth, recording our highest ever revenue, operating profit (EBITA) and profit. The results are satisfactory and above our expectations for the year.

  • At a glance: business model

    Our mission is to create sustainable societies where people and nature flourish

Financial and Sustainability reporting

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