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Landscape architecture with a water edge

Ramboll landscape designers create environments that contribute to people’s well-being, increase our appreciation of nature, and preserve cultural heritage. We do this by planning and designing outdoor and public spaces that support urban liveability and/or integrate solutions related to climate adaptation and flood-risk management. 

Whether visible or invisible, water plays an essential role in the vitality of urban life. We solve multiple urban challenges by creating desirable green spaces often in marginal land while at the same time solving stormwater flooding problems, improving water quality and thereby creating harmonious blue-green solutions, increasing also the resilience of urban areas.

Typical commissions

  • Urban masterplans
  • Water sensitive urban design and blue-green infrastructure
  • Landscape integration and flood strategies
  • Urban environment integration (residential areas, offices and industries, gardens, parks and green belts, pedestrian areas, cemeteries, design programs)
  • River catchment masterplans

Our landscape designers based in offices around the world as well as in Ramboll Studio Dreiseitl have experience in all stages of the design process, from pre-surveys to complete implementation plans. We get involved in civil engineering and infrastructure projects at an early stage to ensure a smooth process from start to finish.

We provide analyses and assist with site surveys, configuration, and environmental impact assessments. Our well-tried approach puts collaboration, hands-on public participation and cross-agency coordination as the first step in arriving at innovative solutions that generate civic pride.



Dieter Grau
Dieter Grau
Landscape Architect
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Leonard Ng Keok Poh
Partner, Singapore
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