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Cut and cover tunnels

Ramboll’s cut and cover tunnelling design techniques have been developed using proven engineering expertise and our wide range of related in-house skills. We were the first to design Danish cut and cover tunnels in accordance with EU Directive 2004/54/EC on road tunnel safety. 

During the construction process for a cut and cover tunnel, a trench is excavated, has an in-situ cast concrete structure placed in it, then is covered with an overhead support system that is strong enough to carry the load of whatever is to be built above the tunnel. The cut and cover model is used most often in the construction of shallow tunnels, or the large spaces found in modern underground metro stations.
Cut and cover tunnels are examples of projects which benefit from Ramboll's broad pool of expertise and draw in many related skills (e.g. Ground Engineering).
The Marselis Tunnel in Aarhus and the Nordhavnsvej tunnel in Copenhagen are the first Danish cut and cover tunnels to be designed in accordance with EU Directive 2004/54/EC on road tunnel safety.


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