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Track renewal and upgrades


A major focus area for railway infrastructure owners is determining how to optimise their infrastructure in order to fulfil the demands for operational reliability whilst at the same time keeping maintenance costs down. As a result, very large sums are invested in renewing existing railways and at the same time, many lines are upgraded for higher speed or greater loading.

Over more than 10 years, Ramboll has participated in a large number of renewal and upgrade projects. Amongst other projects we have been involved in several extensive, multidisciplinary railway projects.

Cost-effective project planning

With strong coordination between Ramboll’s different disciplines and external stakeholders, the projects are carefully planned to minimise changes in the execution phase. This ensures that the programme and budget requirements of the project are met. Our extensive experience on a range of different projects combined with the capability to provide services covering all technical disciplines also play a decisive role in achieving this.

Close interaction with the relevant authorities and approval of projects prior to completion is essential. Ramboll has experts that are specialised within these areas and by drawing on their skills and experience, we ensure that the projects achieve all necessary approvals and are delivered on time.

We can also provide consultancy services during the development phase to assist with preparation of the business case in order to assist in securing investment.

Our competencies within track renewal and upgrades include:

  • Design of permanent way system (superstructure as well as substructure)
  • Signalling works
  • Telecommunication
  • Catenary systems and power supply
  • High voltage
  • Earthworks and drainage
  • Embankments and cuttings
  • Level crossing (road part)
  • Environmental services
  • Planning of execution
  • Inspection and construction management


Roger Langland
Roger Langland
Head of Department, Railway Engineering
T+46 (10) 6156333
Lars Elmer Kellerman
Lars Elmer Kellermann
Head of Department, Denmark
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