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Signalling systems and ERTMS


Over the next 10-15 years, all European countries will need to operate signalling systems based on the European standard, ERTMS, which will enable seamless rail travel across national borders.

Ramboll’s market leading expertise in this area includes the design of the world’s first and largest nationwide ERTMS system. Through many signalling and ERTMS projects, Ramboll has established extensive experience with ERTMS, ETCS and GSM-R radio.

Improving capacity, punctuality and safety

ERTMS will create significant benefits for passengers and freight companies. In many cases this includes improved capacity, better punctuality and improved safety. It will also help ensure that rail transport systems become more competitive and a sustainable alternative to road traffic.

Many countries are developing their strategy for implementing ERTMS, and face significant challenges such as obsolete and unreliable signalling systems. Ramboll can assist infrastructure managers in defining strategies, investigating business cases, project planning, developing technical solutions, and facilitating migration from old to new signalling systems. Ramboll also has the expertise to simulate and analyse scenarios and provide models to improve the capacity of existing lines.

Adding value throughout the project life cycle

In order to establish the most appropriate setup for ERTMS studies, ERTMS projects, and conventional signalling projects we establish a close collaboration with our customers to collaboratively define the best approach. By involving specialist expertise from across our disciplines and international offices, we are able to meet the individual requirements of each project.

Our competencies within signalling systems and ERTMS include:

  • In-depth knowledge of market and suppliers within ERTMS
  • ERTMS strategy and project planning
  • Preparation of business cases and cost/benefit evaluation
  • Requirements specification and tender design (traffic and technical)
  • Procurement and contract strategies
  • Migration strategies focusing on safety and reduction of impact on operation
  • New and updated operational rules
  • System integration, software processes, and interface management
  • Detailed signalling design 
  • Testing and documentation
  • Assistance in relation to authority approvals


Peter I. Koch
Peter I. Koch
Senior Market Director, Denmark
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John Harald Amundsen
John Harald Amundsen
Head of Division, Norway
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