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Rolling stock


Regular renewal of rolling stock with a focus on quality, optimising services, and maintenance are essential for rail operators competing with road traffic for passenger and freight transport.

The client’s demand for short travel times and punctuality in addition to a limited capacity in parts of the railway system put great demands on the reliability of the rolling stock. Reliable rolling stock can be attained through focused programs for procurement, modernisation and maintenance.

Consultancy to rail operators and railway organisations

Ramboll has extensive expertise in assisting operators and railway organisations with management, organisational and technical matters related to procurement, maintenance, and modernisation of rolling stock, and in planning and implementing the necessary programs. Ramboll engages in a close collaboration with clients and external partners in the planning and implementation process of each project.

Ramboll’s consultancy services and experience within rolling stock are extensive. We are therefore able to assist a variety of clients during the tender process with experience of rolling stock, service and repair conditions, proposals regarding organisation and ownership of stock in tendered traffic, assisted operators in the procurement process of locomotives as well as metro and light rail trains, developed repair shop concepts, planned the operational effort of the train fleet, and analysed the use of simulators in the education of engine drivers.

Our competencies within rolling stock include:

  • Requirements assessment.
  • Market analysis.
  • Procurement process including preparation, requirements specification, LCC and RAMS conditions, tenders, evaluation of offers, negotiations, signing of contract, inspection, delivery, initialisation, and warranty follow-up.
  • Planning and project design of repair shops and service facilities.
  • Adjustment of repair shops to match new stock.
  • Analysis and proposals to organisations working with rolling stock.
  • Efficient rolling stock usage combining vehicle rosters and maintenance.
  • Simulation practice for engine drivers.
  • Assistance in passenger traffic tenders regarding stock and repair shop conditions. 
  • Assistance in relation to authority approvals.


Line Lundum Matthäi
Line Lundum Matthäi
Head of Department, Denmark
T+45 51617284
Roger Langland
Roger Langland
Head of Department, Railway Engineering
T+46 (10) 6156333
Antti Korhonen
Projektipäällikkö, rautatiet, liikenne
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